As I lamented on Twitter this morning, I’m so old that I can remember the celebrity Left lecturing conservatives on the need to respect election results. These days, they’re styling themselves as members of “The Resistance,” or as comedian Sarah Silverman put it on Twitter last night, ‘THE RESISTANCE.” Presumably from somewhere on the front lines, Silverman tweeted out the need to have fascists “overthrown” from their elected offices. And what better way to end fascism than with — a military coup and succeeding junta?

You know what makes military coups against democratically elected governments in a republic acceptable? Four red hearts. It’s kind of like Hello Kitty donning camo and a plastic M-16 replica. It’s so cute that you just want to say Awwwwwww before laughing in her face. Speaking of laughter on its face, the idea that the US military is just waiting for the high sign from Hollywood celebrities to march on Pennsylvania Avenue is, um … equally cute:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster,” Nietzsche once warned, “and if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” It’s difficult to come up with a better operational definition of fascism than a military coup of a duly elected government simply because the losers didn’t like the outcome. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of that going around these days.

However, despite outcries over why Silverman has not already been arrested for sedition, it’s because she hasn’t committed that crime, or any other except an insult to intelligence. There is — thankfully — a very high bar to meet on speech and sedition, which allows us all to stave off fascism of other sorts that actually do present a more realistic danger to Americans. It takes more than just mouthing off, or tweeting off, to commit sedition, especially in light of Brandenburg. Advocating violence in general is protected speech, as is stupidly suggesting that the cure for “fascism” is a military coup with four emoji-heart clusters. In order for it to be sedition, Silverman’s speech would almost certainly have to have an immediate potential for inciting such an action, such as organizing and leading a military faction into a coup. There’s not much potential for that in a tweet, nor even in a stand-up comedy gig.

There is, however, lots of potential for ridicule. Thanks to the First Amendment, we can offer plenty of that, along with … laugh emojis. Should be a laugh riot over the next four years. Meanwhile, the Left should definitely keep distracting voters from Donald Trump’s actual fumbles by reminding them of the insanity that seems to be the alternative. That re-election campaign should be a breeze.