It all depends on what Democrats’ religion really is. Joe Scarborough asks Nancy Pelosi what happened to old-fashioned Democratic respect for people of faith in middle America, and how the party allowed itself to get disconnected from their traditional voter base. “How do they reconnect with a middle America who feels like [Democrats] look down on them?”

Hey, we are people of faith, Pelosi insists … and then sneers at Republican church-goers. No, really:

“They pray in church on Sunday,” Pelosi says about Republicans, “and prey on everyone the rest of the week.” Democrats have used that slogan for years, perhaps decades. How is that working out for them? It’s not exactly wearing their religious sentiments on their sleeves — it’s attacking religious exercise.

Besides, Democrats already wear their religion on their sleeves. Democrats have adopted the progressive religion almost without exception, even to the point of suing Catholic nuns and business owners of faith for not providing free contraception and forcing Christian business owners who oppose same-sex marriage to participate in its ceremonies or face ruinous fines. Their religious sacrament — especially Pelosi’s — is abortion, about which she occasionally lectures the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations while insisting on taxpayer funding for abortions, especially in this last election cycle. Democrats only stop sneering at religious belief when they lecture middle America on diversity.

If Democrats want to solve the disconnect, they need better leadership from the places in the country to which they’ve become disconnected. Instead, they’re sticking with Pelosi, and choosing which flavor of hard-Left progressive should run the party.