Who’s up for yet another impossible mission to salvage Hillary Clinton’s career? The Denver Post has great news for Democrats still seeking new and novel ways of immolating what’s left of their disposable wealth. A group calling themselves “Hamilton Electors” have filed paperwork allowing them to raise money to convince electors from states won by Donald Trump to change their vote. So far, that effort has gone about as well as one would predict:

The paperwork filed Tuesday with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office creates a “527” group, which can raise unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and labor unions for political activities.

Dubbed the “Hamilton Electors,” the group is seeking to convince enough Republican electors to support a third-party candidate that it would either force an Electoral College deadlock, or elect a different candidate entirely.

Micheal Baca, the Colorado Democratic elector who filed the paperwork, said the money would be used for public relations as well as a legal defense fund.

“I was opposed, actually, to raising money because I would prefer to just have this done organically,” Baca said. “But we’ve had people throwing money at us through our website.”

Throwing would certainly be an accurate term, as long as it’s paired with the word away. So far, they’ve managed to convince a grand total of one Republican elector … and he/she wants to remain anonymous. They’re “in talks” with four others. Assuming that all five abstained or cast a vote for someone else, they’d reduce Trump’s vote total in the Electoral College to, um, 301, a 31-vote cushion. Raising a bunch of money from labor unions — assuming they’d waste their already-overtaxed resources on this flyer — isn’t likely to make Republicans feel a whole lot better about this enterprise, either.

Supposedly the money wouldn’t be used to fund a specific candidate, but who is Baca kidding? The US Constitution‘s 12th Amendment makes clear that in the event of a lack of majority, the House shall vote among the top three candidates who received electoral votes at all, with one vote for each state delegation. The only way this can possibly work is to convince at least 37 Republican electors to vote for Hillary Clinton, and do so over the next 18 days.

Why? If Baca’s not converting Trump votes to Hillary but to abstentions and obscurities, then the House vote comes into play — where Republicans have control of a large majority of state delegations. They have to choose between the top three vote-getters from the electoral delegations; they cannot just choose someone on their own. House Republicans are not going to elect a non-Republican to the White House. Especially with their own elections less than two years away, they’re not going to defy the voters in their districts by tubing Donald Trump and putting Hillary in office instead, or someone who got precisely zero EC votes from the states on Election Day. It’s 37 or bust.

The tell in this case is forming the 527. If they were really serious about this, they wouldn’t need to raise funds for it — they would just engage the electors on their own, regardless of whether people are supposedly “throwing” money at them. This is just more self-promoting and fundraising nonsense intended to separate more dupes from their cash.