Today’s Morning Joe panel tries to count up the falsehoods from Hillary Clinton’s press conference yesterday, and no one’s quite sure what the ceiling might be. Ron Fournier puts it at a half-dozen lies, a word he uses advisedly. “If you’re saying something that you know is untrue, that’s a lie,” Fournier states. By this time, he says, Hillary should know that this secret server violated federal law and policy, so repeatedly stating that it didn’t keeps adding to the impression of dishonesty and desperation:

It’s not winning her sympathy at the White House, Joe Scarborough says. “You want to know where a collection of gasps came from during her press conference? The White House,” he asks and answers. “People working in the White House cannot believe she keeps saying [garbled] this was okay with the White House, that this was okay according to the law,” Scarborough continues. “They cannot believe, inside the Obama White House, that she continues to act this way.”

Chris Cillizza prepares a different list — of the ways she blew the press conference. He finds five, but the final two are the biggest flops:

4. She’s sarcastic.  Under the best possible reading, Clinton’s response to whether she “wiped” the server — “like with a cloth or something?” — is evidence of a lack of technological know-how. Which is fine. But it’s hard for me to believe that, amid tons and tons of questions about what was/is on the server and whether the server was purposely erased over the last many months, Clinton is entirely unaware of what the term “wipe” means in this context. And if she does know, then her “with a cloth or something?” line is just terrible politics. People generally dislike sarcasm from their politicians; that’s especially true when that sarcasm is tied to an issue that many people view as a very serious one.

5. She’s wrong. As Clinton is leaving the news conference, a reporter asks whether she is worried that the e-mail issue will continue to linger. Clinton responds: “Nobody talks to me about it other than you guys.” While I can’t fact-check what people talk to Clinton about every second of every day, there is new polling data that suggest that her handling of her e-mail server is of concern to a significant number of voters. Fifty-six percent of those polled in a new CNN/ORC survey said that Clinton did something wrong by using a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. Slightly more than six in ten Democrats (63 percent) believe Clinton did nothing wrong — that’s down from 71 percent in March — while slightly more than one in three independents (37 percent) say the same. So this isn’t just a media creation.

No it’s not … but Hillary is making a media spectacle of herself. At some point, Democrats are going to have to stage an intervention and get her out of the public eye.