It’s not as if this was just some cub reporter/stringer out of a 5,000-watt radio station in Fresno. Nor can this be chalked up to confusion from an overwhelming number of interviews Hillary Clinton has allowed on the campaign trail.  Jon Ralston of Ralston Reports is one of the best-known political reporters and analysts in Nevada, an important swing state in the 2016 election, and Hillary hasn’t sat for many interviews with reporters of this stature in the past three months. Yet the nation’s former top diplomat managed to get Jon’s name wrong, not once but twice, as the political trackers at America Rising noticed (via Daniel Halper):

Jon, who’s been on my show a few times, has a sense of humor about the errors, although he says he wasn’t quite sure whether it was just forgetfulness:

It looks more like Hillary was running on autopilot. She has only given a handful of significant interviews over the past several months — one can probably count them on one hand — and Jon’s a very well known analyst in a key state. It’s sloppy work, and one indication that while the campaign wants everyone to be Ready For Hillary, we keep seeing evidence that Hillary is far from ready for the task ahead.