Phil Kerpen tweeted out this advice last week:

We may already have gotten to the point where numbers have run past their usefulness in identifying Jonathan Gruber’s serial revelations. We may need to start naming them instead as we struggle to keep up with his arrogant bragging. For instance, we missed this little gem that emerged on Friday, where the MIT professor brags that RomneyCare was set up — with the assistance of Ted Kennedy, of course — to “rip off” the federal government to the tune of $400 million a year:

Bob Schieffer also played this clip on CBS’ Face the Nation while declaring himself “dumbstruck” by Gruber’s string of insults and arrogance. Schieffer wonders why Gruber doesn’t give the money back:

Why shouldn’t Gruber keep the money? He did what he was paid to do — pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Barack Obama’s administration hired him for that purpose after his track record in Massachusetts. Schieffer should be asking Obama and his team why they’re still drawing a salary from the American taxpayer after their contempt for, and lies to, the American people. And the answer will be the same: shamelessness.