Not only does veteran Miami Herald reporter Marc Caputo believe that Univision is actively pushing Hillary Clinton for 2016, he’s somewhat amazed that Republicans and the media have been so quiet about it. After watching the public-relations battle between the RNC and CNN and NBC over the broadcasters’ plans for Hillary-based long-form programming, one might think that the GOP and the rest of the media would take an interest in the connections between Team Hillary and the Spanish-language broadcast giant:

The Doral-based Spanish-language network has remarkably close ties with Clinton — from the way the media giant covers immigration to the financial backing of its top leader to a new initiative between the network and the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Barely a peep from the press, though. …

So far the RNC isn’t taking on Univision the way it pressured CNN and NBC last year to scrap plans for a Clinton documentary, which Republicans said amounted to election-year infomercials. In that case, the RNC threatened to boycott the networks from hosting a 2016 GOP White House candidate debate.

The dispute was well-covered in the navel-gazing ranks of the New York-DC media-industrial complex.

How about the close Univision-Clinton ties? Crickets, although the Washington Post, to its credit, covered the Univision event and noted some political advantages Clinton could gain. On a related note, the New York Times reported in August how “efforts to insulate the foundation from potential conflicts have highlighted just how difficult it can be to disentangle the Clintons’ charity work from Mr. Clinton’s moneymaking ventures and Mrs. Clinton’s political future.”

Caputo notes that Haim Saban has remained a big booster of the Clinton Foundation — and just happens to own a large stake in Univision, too. If readers are unaware of this connection, and the use of Univision to promote the Clintons, they’re hardly alone. No one’s talking much about it, which Caputo wisely notes would hardly be the case if Rupert Murdoch was as explicit about his political and electoral aims as Univision:

It’s tough to imagine a similar scenario of silence if FOX’s Rupert Murdoch gave millions to a Republican candidate or causes, and then pledged to use his “might” to get that person elected. Perhaps Univision gets a pass because most political-media reporters don’t pay attention to Spanish-language media.

Indeed — and people already make that accusation widely about Roger Ailes at Fox.

In other Hillary Clinton news, Andrea Mitchell explained this weekend how the Clintons leveraged her role at the State Department to keep boosters like Saban close over the last four years:

“There are two PACs, they’ve divided the lines of authority, they’ve got potential campaign managers lined up,” Mitchell said. “She doesn’t need to put in place the fundraising apparatus” because the Clinton’s have keep all the “big money people” very close over the years.

Hillary had remained close to big donors during her time as Secretary of State, Mitchell said. ”You would see, at State Department events, a lot of the big money people,” Mitchell explained, speaking as someone who obviously attended those events. ”They have always been part of her circle.”

The earlier revelations in the “Hillary papers” provide some useful long-range context for these machinations, but it’s the recent activity that should get the bright spotlight. And as Caputo laments, not too many in the media want to shine that kind of light on the Clinton connections in, er, media. I wonder why that might be ….