Well, that’s a Bidenesque “literally,” but I’ll cut Piers Morgan a little slack.  Morgan and Rep. Marsha Blackburn attempted to cut through the whirligig of spin coming from ObamaCare defender Rep. Frank Pallone, when Morgan finally decided he’d had enough (via The Corner):

Morgan brought up Obama’s promise that people can keep their plans if they like it, and called it a pure and simple “lie.” Pallone shot back, “Of course it was not a lie, Piers!” He argued that a vast majority of people will be able to keep their plans, but the problem resides with insurance companies and their “lousy” “scam” plans.

Morgan interrupted, “So why didn’t the president just say that? Why didn’t he just be honest?… What about telling the truth?”

Blackburn, clearly amused that she was not the target of Morgan’s wrath for once, piled on and when Pallone brought up the “scam” policy issue again, she said, “Frank, you need to stop that. That is insulting and inappropriate to people.”

Morgan concluded by telling Pallone, “If you move the goalposts any further, they’ll literally be off the field.”

How many times can Pallone use the word “scam” in this debate and not have it refer to Obama’s promise? I’d guess a few times a day until next September, when the shoe drops on Americans who get their insurance through their employers. When that happens, Pallone’s constituents in NJ-06 will be demanding some answers over the ObamaCare “scam,” and with a D+6 district, Pallone may be looking for his own health insurance plan in 2015, too.