This clip started making the rounds almost as soon as Megyn Kelly’s segment ended last night, but there is a little more context to Kirsten Powers’ statement yesterday. Powers has been a supporter of the ObamaCare concept from its inception, but Powers does at least allow reality to intrude on her thinking.  After nearly three weeks of incompetence and dishonesty on display from the Obama administration, Powers started expressing considerable skepticism about the ACA and its rollout.  Here’s Powers earlier in the week, debating Bill O’Reilly over the meaning of the bungling:

Last night, Powers managed to work her way through the Washington DC exchange to find that she couldn’t keep the plan she liked, either.  In order to keep the same deductible in place, her monthly premiums will almost double, from $160 to $300:

That is an additional $1,680 a year, which doesn’t actually get her better coverage, and which Powers will have to pay out regardless of how much she accesses the health-care system.  As a younger and healthier consumer, Powers shouldn’t be paying more; she should be paying less in a properly-managed risk pool.  Thanks to the mandates of the ACA, though, Powers will now subsidize higher-risk members of the pool.

It’s not included in the clip, but Powers noted that she wouldn’t have minded a slight premium increase to make that work, but not on this scale — and now has considerable skepticism that the scheme will work at all:

It’s not as if there weren’t other options:

Power laments that ObamaCare is “not quite the way they sold it.” We warned people of that all along. Readers will certainly be justified in pointing that out too, but Powers’ story is useful for another purpose.  While she’s left of center, she’s always been a reasonable voice and a person who takes reality into account.  If she’s recognizing the disastrous impact of ObamaCare, what does that say about millions of people who supported this law because of the Obama sales job and what they will think when the bill comes due?  Like I’ve been saying all month, the White House will look back on the website debacle as a golden age when that begins to happen.