A UPS cargo plane crashed “on the outskirts” of Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Alabama early this morning, “exploding” on contact with the ground.  The status of the crew has not been announced:

NBC notes that this is the third UPS plane to crash in the last three years, but this is the first in the US in recent years:

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The crash caused at least two explosions and strewed debris across a long path, according to NBC News affiliate WVTM. The plane crashed in an open field owned by the airport, WVTM reported. Police said no homes were affected by the crash.

The pilot and co-pilot were aboard when the plane went down, said Birmingham Mayor William Bell told the TODAY Show, but declined to comment on the condition of the crew. There was no unusual weather before the crash, and it was unknown if there were any mechanical issues, Bell said.

There was no immediate information on whether or not there were any people killed or injured in the crash.

The mayor of Birmingham, William Bell, told NBC News that he was “not at liberty” to discuss the status of the crew, but that his police chief would have more later. Later, though, he told other news agencies that both the pilot and co-pilot had been killed. Fortunately, the plane didn’t hit any structures on the ground, so the odds of any other potential casualties from the crash should be low.

We will update this as more information comes in.