Because nothing sells in politics like apostasy, does it?  Just days after the Obama campaign released a web ad featuring Republican Democratic Women for Obama, the RNC will release a new video ad to be played during the Republican National Convention featuring former Barack Obama loyalists looking for some real hope and change:

It occurs to me that playing the apostasy card makes perfect sense for Republicans in this cycle.  They need Obama voters in 2008 to change their minds in order to win the election.  I’m not sure, though, why Team Obama feels the need to push that angle.  If they hold their 2008 coalition, they would cruise to victory in this cycle.  They don’t need McCain voters to switch — they just need Obama 2008 voters to turn out in 2012 and not to have changed their minds.  Instead of building off of brand loyalty, though, they’re trolling for Republicans — and doing it badly.  That should tell us all we need to know about their confidence in this cycle.

Meanwhile, the same super-PAC that accused Mitt Romney of causing terminal cancer has a new spot out today, called “Olive,” supposedly an “independent” whose business got ruined by Romney.  And it’s just as fact-based as its most notorious offering, as Jammie Wearing Fool discovers:

In a commercial unveiled on the first active day of the 2012 Republican National Convention, Priorities USA spotlights Olive Chase, a former Romney supporter from Massachusetts who’s now on Team Obama.

“I’m an independent. I voted for him, I contributed to him,” Chase says in the ad. “Gov. Romney promised that he would bring jobs to this state. By the time Gov. Romney left office, we had fallen to 47th in the nation in terms of job growth.”

In 2007, the year after Romney left office, Olive Chase was singing a much different tune about her business:

Our growth was gradual. We had 800 square feet at first. Then a restaurant went out of business and we took it over and had 1800 square feet. In 1991 Heritage Museum decided they wanted a little cafe on the grounds. We do all of the catering there. It was our first food service contract.   We’ve gone through different stages. In the mid 90ies, we had cafeterias at the high tech companies and at Cape Cod Community College. They helped give the company stability. In 1995 we moved to the Bell Tower Mall and acquired 3300 square feet. We finally own our own building. Last March we bought the H&K Bakery. I always wanted to own it. t’s [sic] been a long term goal.

Catering is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry. It will grow in double digits in the next decade. It’s all about people’s homes, they spend time there and entertain there but may not have time to light a stove.

Today we have four food service contracts.   Cape Cod Health Care is my largest client. We’re known mostly for our off premise catering. We do 75 to 100 weddings off premise each year. I write 90 percent of the menus and design the events. We’re the largest caterer on Cape Cod and one of the largest in Southeast massachusetts [sic]. I derive the most pleasure from event planning. I don’t like to quote figures but we do about $3,000,0000 [sic] a year in catering.

Romney was so bad for their business that in his final year in office, Olive Chase was able to realize her “long term goal” of buying a bakery.  What a nightmare!  After four years of Obama, we only have the worst bout of sustained unemployment since the Great Depression and the lowest civilian participation rate since Ronald Reagan’s first midterm election.  Yeah, that has to be good for business, right?