This one’s a two-fer, one for Barack Obama and another for a prominent media outlet.  Yesterday, Obama campaigned in Ohio and wanted to engage in some of the local sports customs, such as the Ohio State cheer that uses four people to spell the state name.  Unfortunately, it’s the spelling part that became the problem:

Oiho?  Maloney had a lot of fun with that on his Twitter feed, and The Hill picked up the story:

President Obama needed a do-over to spell “Ohio” correctly on the campus of Ohio State University this week.

Although Obama and several students at a campaign stop Tuesday morning at Sloopy’s Diner on the campus of OSU tweeted out photos of the president correctly posing as the “I” in Ohio, another student supplied a photo of a spelling mishap to Mitt Romney’s campaign.

The photo, tweeted by Romney’s Ohio communications director, Christopher Maloney, shows Obama and three students all a little confused about how to spell the state’s name, with Obama holding his hands up in what seems to be an “H” and as the third letter.

That’s when the Washington Post swung into action.  Apparently thinking that no one could be so dumb as to misspell “Ohio,” the Post tried to debunk the picture as a Photoshop, a moment captured by their rivals at the Washington Examiner:

After numerous people corrected the Post on Twitter, they finally had to admit that they were “fooled” … apparently someone is that dumb:

That’s OK, though.  The President of the United States managed to get “Ohio” right on his second try.  Can’t wait to see what happens in Connecticut.


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