What is the RNC trying to do — put the OOTD feature out of business?  Well, yes, but only by ending Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House at one term.  Working from the “You didn’t build that” quote, the RNC has a new television ad out today that rebuts the media portrayal of Obama’s remark as a gaffe — or at least, if it is a gaffe, it’s a Kinsleyan gaffe that accidentally revealed a truth Obama wants to remain hidden.  The truth is that even in the context Obama claims, this remark shows his hostility to small businesses, and the lack of interest Obama has taken in boosting the job-creation engine within that community:

Meanwhile, Power Line points to this helpful mash-up of Obama and Elizabeth Warren that explains where Obama got his “context”:

Give Obama credit for delivering this better than Warren.  Where Warren’s delivery demonstrates anger and contempt for those who claim credit for their own success, Obama tries a somewhat softer approach of humor and disdain.  Both, however, perfectly communicate the same idea: small businesses are parasites that only succeed through the beneficence of government, and therefore government has the right to seize whatever capital it wants from that success.

How do small business owners see Obama and his policies?  Longtime syndicated editorial cartoonist Mike Shelton — whose work I used to enjoy daily at the Orange County Register back in the day — has joined the Franklin Center’s Watchdog.org website.  Mike is an avid Hot Air reader and occasional commenter (as “Cartooner,” natch).  In this week’s entry, Shelton accurately demonstrates the contribution of Obama’s policies to the success of small businesses over the last three-plus years:

We’ll see plenty more from Mike in the weeks and months ahead, so be sure to keep checking in at Watchdog.org.

Update: From the comments, don’t miss Zombie’s lengthy take-down of Obama and Warren.