Let’s be clear: Bob Kerrey had as much chance of winning his US Senate race in Nebraska after spending the last decade in New York City as Republicans have of defeating Dianne Feinstein in California with a candidate who actually lived in the state.  The one-time Senator has been as far as 18 points behind surprise GOP nominee Deb Fischer in polls, in large part thanks to his full-throated support for ObamaCare and retiring incumbent Ben Nelson’s betrayal in voting for it.

Kerrey’s wife, former Saturday Night Live writer Sarah Paley, apparently still worried that her husband might eke out a win and force them to live in Nebraska.  How could she keep that from happening?  The Washington Post reports that Paley took out a little insurance — by insulting the state in which her husband is campaigning:

Consider the case of Bob Kerrey — war hero, former governor and senator from Nebraska, presidential candidate. After a dozen years working in New York, the high-profile Democrat, 68, jumped back into politics earlier this year when he decided to run for his old Senate seatvacated by retiring Sen. Ben Nelson.

Exciting news? Not for his wife.

“My friends were understanding, some even as outraged as I that he would choose his country over his family,” Sarah Paley wrote in an essay for Vogue’s July issue. While she insisted her husband would be a great senator, Paley seemingly hates everything else about his decision; she even wrote that she fantasized about a career-ending sex scandal. …

Describing herself as “secretive” and “so private,” Paley said she doesn’t much like politics — or anything that requires social interaction. (“My idea of a good time is when people cancel.”) What do you think about Nebraska, Ms. Paley? “The Midwest is a strange land for an Easterner of my ilk,” she wrote, describing anti-abortion billboards and the deer carcasses her son frolics among. Oh, and take note, Cornhuskers: She doesn’t like football.

What does the candidate have to say about that?  Hey, Nebraskans should get a kick out of her sense of humor:

We reached out to Paley, who did not respond to requests for comment. Kerrey told the Omaha World that while it might appear his wife is “making fun of Nebraskans,” she is just a comedian trying for laughs.

Yeah, that should go over well.  After all, nothing makes Midwesterners laugh more than New Yorkers carpetbagging into their state, running for their offices, all the while joking about how odd the natives are — in Vogue, of all places, where Barack Obama supporter Anna Wintour reigns:

It’s a joke, people!  Unfortunately for Democrats, it’s not the only joke in this campaign.