Yesterday, John Hawkins and staged the first ever CPAC Blogger Awards, which John organized and emceed in part.  The awards recognized a number of excellent bloggers, such as Pamela Gellar, Jim Hoft, Emily Zanotti (to whom I presented the award), Glenn Reynolds (twice, with one award accepted on his behalf by comedienne Victoria Jackson), and our own blog, which was selected as Best Blog Overall.  During the event, we got a live performance of “Mr. America” by the Powdered Zombies, who are better known as Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch (whose wife Dana makes an appearance in the video).  They performed along with their new video of this rap song, in which we find out what our founding fathers would think of the US now … if they were still alive … and if they became rappers.  It’s a well-produced video, and the Powdered Zombies got a lot of laughs out of it from the bloggers:

Thanks to a number of technical difficulties, we have quite a backlog of videos to post of interviews conducted over the last couple of days.  Later, I’ll have an exclusive interview with Rick Santorum which Tina and I conducted jointly, as well as a great interview with Hollywood conservative Allen Covert, who has a very cool project about teaching American values to children — and whom, I might add, is just a terrific guy.  (I’ll have more on that later.)  I will also post interviews with Todd Starnes, Jackie Walorski, Rep. Mike Pompeo, and more, and I will be interviewing more people as we go along.

If you’re following along on the website, I will be on stage at 1 pm ET for a panel on how the new media needs to transform and build itself into a full alternative to the MSM.  Jim Geraghty and Erik Telford will be on my panel, and Floyd Brown will be the moderator, so it should be a lot of fun.

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