Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post a thread yesterday for the first wild-card games, but as most of you know, I’m on the ground here in New Hampshire and didn’t have a chance to get to it.  Congratulations to the Houston Texans and the New Orleans Saints for their playoff victories yesterday, and to their fans, but the Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals shouldn’t be hanging their heads.  A year ago, few would have guessed they would have been in the playoffs at all.

Today, the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Denver Broncos, which pits one of the league’s best defenses against one of the weaker offenses in the league.  Tim Tebow has deservedly become a fan favorite for his unabashed demonstrations of faith, but the fact is that he’s not a very good NFL QB, at least not yet.  Denver has lost three in a row coming into this game thanks to non-production on offense, and it’s not going to get better today.  Denver’s defense will keep them in the game, but Pittsburgh should win this one handily on the road, 20-7.

In the early game, the Atlanta Falcons travel to New York to take on the Giants.  Interestingly, the Falcons are 4-4 on the road and the Giants 4-4 at home, but the Giants are a different team after nearly beating the Green Bay Packers, I think.  They’ll handle the outdoor weather better than the dome-homed Falcons, too.  This should be a close game, though, and a lot of fun for fans.  Giants over Falcons, 27-23.