By now, one would think that Charles Krauthammer’s analysis of Barack Obama on “Inside Washington” would hardly generate controversy. Krauthammer calls him a “mortal who is in over his head,” a rather obvious conclusion, especially given the regurgitation of the Porkulus bill Obama delivered to a joint session of Congress as though it were some change in direction from Obamanomics. Krauthammer points out the lack of experience Obama had in any kind of executive position prior to his election as President, which isn’t even analysis — it’s a recitation of plain facts. Of course, for the Washington Post’s Colby King, facts equal blind hatred, or something.

In this clip from the Daily Caller, Krauthammer points out all of these facts to argue against the notion that a Trumanesque run against a “do-nothing Congress” would have any hope of success in 2012 for Obama:

“[B]arack Obama is no Harry Truman,” Krauthammer said. It’s not that complicated. Obama is over his head. He is a great orator. He came out of nowhere. He dazzled America. He [has] never run anything. He never actually enacted anything even in the legislature. He hadn’t run a state. He hadn’t run a city. He hadn’t run a business. He is running the biggest enterprise in the world and he has not succeeded. And that is why all of these independents, all of those who believed in a soaring rhetoric, including probably a couple who swooned in the aisles as he spoke in 2008, are now waking up and realizing he is a mortal who is in over his head.”

King objected that Obama is subjected to “personalized attack … week after week,” but there’s nothing “personalized” about what Krauthammer says in this argument. Most of it, with the exception of stating that Obama is “in over his head,” is just plain factual. Obama was a backbencher in the Illinois legislature, and he was a backbencher in the half-term he served in the US Senate. King wants to paint all dissent and disapproval as hate in order to demagogue Obama’s political opponents, and as we see at the end, Krauthammer won’t let him get away with it.