My friends at Power Line have held a contest for the last few weeks for artists and writers to capture the spirit of the conservative grassroots, with prizes for the best entries totaling $100,000. John Hinderaker has been posting the top 10 entries most of this week, so be sure to catch up to the fine works that Power Line has chosen as the best in class. This song, called “Don’t You See?”, sounds like it could be a Tea Party anthem, and it got the silver medal in the contest:

It’s a worthy winner. It’s well produced, written, and performed, although it’s too bad it doesn’t have a video track to go with it. Power Line has the lyrics at the post linked above, but the song is sung so clearly that they come across very clearly.

Power Line will be announcing the grand prize winner later this week, but be sure to check out the entries they have been posting all week, too.