The GOP caucus on the House Oversight and Reform Committee watched Barack Obama’s Twitter townhall with care, and now have a short video fact-check response available. The first check relates directly to today’s jobs report. Asked what he would do differently in handling the recession, Obama insists that passing Porkulus was “absolutely the right thing to do.” Bzzzzzt! Obama promised that the jobless rate wouldn’t rise above 8% after passing that trillion-dollar turkey; unemployment hasn’t dropped below 8% since its passage, not even after millions left the workforce and made the rate look better than it actually is. With only 18,000 jobs added in June and only 25,000 in May (when it takes a minimum of 100,000 new jobs a month to keep up with population growth), we’re going backwards, and we’re nearly a trillion dollars more in debt for the effort:

The video hits two more Obama answers, both on job creation, and the response focuses mainly on the strangling effect the expansion of regulation has had on small businesses and job creation. Obama insisted that the big problem facing job creators is financing, but that’s absurd. The problem is a lack of growth, first off, in which no one wants to take the risks and costs of expansion while demand sags. That relates to some degree to energy policies that have allowed gas prices to quickly escalate again while Obama signals more penalties for the energy usage necessary for expansion. That directly relates to regulation, especially at the EPA and at the Department of the Interior.

Jobs will be the big issue as Americans decide on whether to give Obama another four years. If these are the best answers he can give after two and a half years of Obamanomics, David Plouffe’s prediction will be spectacularly proven wrong in 2012.

Update: Wrote “fall below” when I meant “rise above.”  It’s corrected now.