Many have commented at CPAC at the rise of libertarianism, at least in the small-L sense, on the Right, and its influence on the Tea Party movement. Yesterday I spoke with Michael Moynihan, one of Reason magazine’s great stable of writers, and we discussed how the fiscal crisis has pushed conservatives into a sometimes-uneasy alliance with libertarians, and why. As Michael tells me, the great pressing issue of our time isn’t gay marriage, but instead the looming financial disaster that could crush the US and by extension the global economy. And conservatives are serious enough, I argue, that we’re hearing calls to cut spending at the Pentagon from some mainstream conservatives, in an effort to prove just how seriously we take the fiscal crisis, which Michael agrees shows the depth of conservative concern.

A couple of other notes on this interview. The crowd noise you hear came from the impromptu hallway debate that Phelim McAleer and Ann McIlhenny had with an environmental activist just about a foot away from our booth. Michael and I actually have to stop and comment on it when hotel security arrives to break it up. Our intrepid Townhall staff — who were absolutely magnificent at CPAC — tried to capture some of it on video, but the audio didn’t record. We still may have a great video for some Downfall-style editing, with the ability to dub practically any silly argument over the video (“Tastes great!  Less filling!“)

Towards the end, I tell Michael that Reason is the only other magazine (besides Townhall) to which I subscribe, and he wonders whether I’m paying for it or getting it comped. You’ll have to watch to the end for the answer to that mystery, I’m afraid.

One more note: Michael and his wife are hours away from welcoming the first addition to their family, a baby girl.  I think Edward works for a baby girl, doesn’t it?  Anyway, congratulations to the Moynihans for their upcoming joyous event.

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