I first met Phelim McAleer and Ann McIlhenny two years ago at CPAC when they introduced their seminal documentary Not Evil Just Wrong, a hard look at the environmental movement and the damage it does through bad science and political chicanery.  They’re easily the most fun interview guests to book at events like CPAC and AFP’s Right Online series (coming to Minneapolis in June!), because neither holds much back and both have such a passion for their work.  In fact, they have such passion for their work that shortly after completing this interview, they got challenged by an enviro activist in the corridor next to the Townhall booth, and the debate created such a ruckus — which you’ll see briefly later in another interview I was doing right after this one — that hotel security showed up and demanded an end to the ad hoc debate.

No ruckus here, but as always, I had a lot of fun with Phelim and Ann.  We’ve featured a couple of the “Hypocrite” short films here at Hot Air, most recently regarding Robert Redford.  If you have a nomination for an envirocrite to make the, er, hug list, be sure to go to the  Not Evil Just Wrong website and submit your suggestion.