How can you tell Charlie Crist is getting desperate? His lips are moving — when it’s Marco Rubio’s turn to speak. Rubio attempted to answer a question in today’s CNN debate among the candidates for Florida’s US Senate Seat, and instead Crist barged into his time to offer a non-sequitur on “transparency.” As the Shark Tank reports, Crist appeared to time his heckling to stop Rubio from talking about Crist’s flip-flops on the issues:

Much to the surprise of the viewing audience, the debate was crashed by a “heckler” who disrupted the proceedings by showing a lack of respect for the moderators and for Mr. Rubio whom this ‘Heckler’ targeted. I am sure CNN is looking into how this heckler made it passed security and into the debate room. “The Heckler’s” chameleon-like disguise was one of a kind and his actions showed that he has obviously mastered the art of deception and has perpetrated this kind of smoke and mirrors trickery before.

This “Heckler”, who actually made it on to the stage, can only be described as, Superhero-like, with snow white hair, lean physique, and a very tan complexion. The Heckler has been identified as none other than the candidate ”of the people”, the “ I need your vote, what should I say now” candidate, the “ what do the pollster think I should do” candidate. The “Heckler” of whom I refer to was none other than Governor Charlie “The Chuckster” Crist.

Rubio was responding to Governor Crist’s politically expedient ‘flip-flops’ on the issues, when Governor Crist lost it and began a rant that was aimed to talk over Rubio, simply to try to muzzle Rubio from laying a smackdown on him by detailing the reasons for the Governor’s change in party affiliation and the notorious, and well documented change in positions on the issues.

Usually, candidates stick to their own allotted time in debates, which allow for enough time to respond to points made by their opponents. Crist seems worried about allowing Rubio to speak, though. Rubio responds with a good line about being used to hecklers in the audience, but not among debate partners, to which Crist responds with a weird “Welcome to the NFL!”

Speaking about transparency … Crist shouldn’t.

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