Bart Stupak (D-MI) talks with Greta van Susteren about resolving the issues within the Democratic caucuses on Capitol Hill — and sounds decidedly pessimistic. That’s good news, especially since Stupak makes clear that abortion is hardly the only issues on the table. The funding mechanisms are completely different, and Stupak notes that Barack Obama proposed a third method of financing reform that doesn’t exist in either version of the bill. As for passing something now for the sake of passing it with a promise to fix it later, color Stupak very skeptical on that strategy:

“Tomorrow never comes,” and in this case, for good reason. How likely will the White House and Senate be to reopen debate on ObamaCare once they successfully get it off the Congressional agenda, no matter how flawed the final product was? About as likely as suddenly endorsing the Hensarling/Pence spending bill that caps the federal budget at 20% of GDP.