Look, I don’t like Bill Maher any more than most Hot Air readers, although I used to watch him back in the Politically Incorrect days, when he used to actually be funny. I don’t see what’s unusual about this, other than being somewhat less tasteless than Maher usually gets. Despite the mail and tweets I’m getting, Maher isn’t wishing Glenn Beck dead, but making a bad joke. There’s a difference between this and, say, the Michael Moore anger over the 9/11 plotters targeting the tolerant blue cities of New York and DC instead of the xenophobes in the Midwest, or Ward Churchill’s argument that the 9/11 victims got what they deserved — a big difference. I don’t think Glenn Beck is going to lose any sleep over this (from Mediaite TV):

Tacky, yes. But outrageous? Yawn. I’ll save my outrage for government abuse of power and politicians selling influence.