If Democrats want to push through a massive government intervention in the health-care industry, they have to make the case that the government can do the job more competently than the private sector. As this new ad argues, which the Weekly Standard says will run on CNN and Fox starting today, the idea of federal competence took a big hit with the emergency response of the White House and HHS on the H1N1 flu. Despite proclaiming a public-health emergency and promising to move Heaven and Earth to deliver 120 million vaccinations by last month, they only delivered 23% of that target on time.

Do Democrats want to argue for better competence with that track record?

The Democrats argue that the private sector has failed, based on the fact that only 87% of Americans have health-insurance coverage. If so, what does a 23% success rate in delivering a vaccine demonstrate? And when government runs everything, will a 23% success rate be what we get for paying $1.8 trillion over the first ten years of real expenditures in the ObamaCare plan?

Small wonder Americans grow more and more disenchanted with the Obama administration on health care policy. They’re seeing the entirely predictable incompetence that results from electing someone with no executive experience into the most difficult executive office in the world. If Obama can’t get vaccines right, there’s no reason to trust him with the totality of our health-care needs.