Courtesy of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Canadians want to tell their American cousins all about the joys of the Canadian system that Barack Obama admires so much. They have a number of these videos in which Canadians explain terms like “medical vacations” and communicate the thrill of wait-listing. It also generates new business opportunities, too — or maybe you missed the explosion of wait-list insurance north of the border. The fun never ends in the Canadian health-care system!

Why do Canadians speak up now? They have at least had the option of crossing the border if they can get the resources to avoid the long wait times for treatment. Some of them worry that the ObamaCare overhaul will put an end to that relief valve. Where would they go for treatment? One Canadian has a suggestion, which he laughs off … for now. Be sure to watch this and the other videos at Mackinac.

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