It’s time for the OOTW poll, which increases this week from three to five, an actual improvement, of sorts, if you like the gallows humor of having an embarrassment in the White House.  We would love to hear your thoughts on this poll, but only if you meet the presidential condition of completely agreeing with our approach.  That’s always been my approach, except for those times when I’ve publicly said the opposite, which is nothing but disinformation that real Americans should report to the White House.  You know, Michelle would probably save money if America had gone for greater efficiency by electing a competent President, but instead she has to pay me to do surgery on Obama every day with these nuggets.  At least I don’t pretend that my proctological examinations of Obama’s fumbles will prevent prostate cancer, though.

Previous “winners”:

  • Snitch Central for ObamaCare dissenters
  • Rushing legislation bad in 2004, essential in 2009
  • Obama opines on Gates arrest without “having all the facts”
  • Obama salutes the Ghana flag
  • Obama jokes about Alaska sale with Russians
  • Obama uses union and DNC plants at health-care town hall
  • Obama plants a question on Iran with HuffPo
  • Change in Iran coming because “Obviously, after the speech I made in Cairo…”
  • Flashing his soles to the camera while talking to Netanyahu
  • “If you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”
  • “We can no longer afford to spend as if deficits do not matter and waste is not our problem.”
  • Siccing Tim Geithner and Charlie Rangel on tax cheats
  • Phony Churchill quote on torture throws Grandpa under the bus
  • Torture probe flip-flop
  • Obama covers up IHS while quoting Jesus
  • Austrian is a language?
  • Obama bows to the Saudi king
  • 1908 Model T got better gas mileage than today’s SUVs

Got an Obamateurism of the Day? If you see a foul-up by Barack Obama, e-mail it to me at [email protected] with the quote and the link to the Obamateurism. I’ll post the best Obamateurisms on a daily basis, depending on how many I receive. Include a link to your blog, and I’ll give some link love as well. And unlike Slate, I promise to end the feature when Barack Obama leaves office.

Addendum: Normally I’d put a link to Chris Muir’s Day by Day site here, but today I want to do more than that. Chris has a fundraising drive to keep his excellent cartoon alive.  Be sure to drop a few dollars in his collection to keep one of the Rightosphere’s most talented warriors in the fight!