Yesterday, our friend Jason Mattera drew the ire of Think Progress and the Washington Independent for posting a “blatantly offensive message” about Sonia Sotomayor on his Facebook page.  Putting aside the question of why TP and the WI spends its time trolling Jason’s Facebook account, Jason responds today in a Hot Air exclusive about why he posted the message, and what it meant — and how his own similar personal biography means absolutely nothing about his ability to uphold the Constitution, and nothing about Sotomayor’s ability, either.

Will Sotomayor “shank” Scalia?

By Jason Mattera

Sonia Sotomayor grew up in The Bronx. I grew up in Brooklyn. She’s Puerto Rican. I’m Puerto Rican. She’s purportedly from a rough area. So am I. An  inner-city rivalry you ask? Oh yeah! I lobbed my Brooklyn salvo on Facebook, with this:

“If Sotomayor gained life experience from The Ghetto, does that mean she’d have a tendency to shank Scalia?”

Right on cue, the silly outrage from liberals. According to Matt Corley of Think Progress:

“The Republican establishment has often appeared worried that attacks on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina nominated to the court, could appear racist. But the activists of the conservative movement are less concerned. In May, blogger Debbie Schlussel called Sotomayor ‘Justice J-Lo.’ Now, the Washington Independent’s Dave Weigel reports that Jason Mattera, the spokesman for Young America’s Foundation, has posted a blatantly offensive message about Sotomayor on his Facebook page.”

Okay, guys. Sorry. I got it all wrong: Sotomayor will not “shank” Scalia on the bench. What I meant to say is that she’ll shoot him up in a drive-by.  Watch out, brother Antonin!

Second salvo launched! Your turn, Sonia.

You see, I’m perfectly comfortable mocking the notion that Sotomayor is somehow better qualified for the Supreme Court because of her early days in The Bronx. For the life of me, I don’t see how living in public housing enhances one’s understanding of the Constitution. As a kid in NYC, I remember the crackheads, the hookers, the gang-bangers, the robberies, etc. Sure, it gives me interesting stories to tell over drinks, but would it heighten my ability to uphold the integrity of the United States Constitution? I’m gonna say no.

In reality, not only is the Constitution color blind (which Sotomayor is not), it is also ghetto blind. Judge Sotomayor’s story of “overcoming obstacles” is admirable, but irrelevant. This isn’t Oprah. It’s the Supreme Court.

But since Obama’s in the business of nominating people who have storybook narratives, may I suggest he give Ellen DeGeneres a chance to fill the next vacancy? She’s got one hell of a personal story (and she’s also gay—a twofer people!).

Brooklyn, 3; The Bronx, 0!