Earlier today, I got this video from HA reader Frank P, who promised that it would get comments galore and cheers from the Hot Air crowd. Ed Montana’s “Obamanation” apparently hit YouTube a couple of weeks ago, but hasn’t gotten much attention. It’s pretty catchy, even if the meter struggles in a couple of the verses. The chorus will stick with you, especially if (like me) you like country music:

However, Frank actually sent me the raw video rather than the YouTube link, and I decided to check first to see if Ed Montana had it loaded already. Indeed he did, but a search on “Obamanation song” at YT also produced another song of the same title by a young woman named Ash Soular from last October. After reading the name and seeing the initial image, I figured it must have been a paean to Hopenchange, but looks in this case are definitely deceiving. Instead of a treacly tribute song, Ash gives us an Alanis Morrissette-tinged opposition anthem for the younger voters at Hot Air:

How the heck did we miss this before the election? I’d love to hear what Ms. Soular has to say about life in the Obama Era now. I’d like to hear her sing about it even more.

Which Obamanation do you like best?