My friend John Ziegler always manages to get great moments out of his interviews, even when he’s interviewing someone across the ideological divide. Yesterday on his new show for KGIL 1260 AM in Los Angeles, John got an honest reaction from Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) about the “moment of silence” demanded on the House floor for the death of Michael Jackson. Yarmuth said he headed for the door, and he wasn’t alone:

YARMUTH: Um, I was close to nauseated by it. I thought it was outrageous. In my two and a half years, we’ve never done that for anybody else who’s a celebrity. We’ve done it for former members, and that’s about it, for former members who’ve passed away … I basically got up and walked back to the cloakroom and got off the floor, because I just thought it was totally uncalled for and over the top.

ZIEGLER: And were you alone in that feeling?

YARMUTH: Oh, no, the cloakroom was pretty well packed. I think there were a lot of people who were disgusted by it.

Well, count me among them.