We’re pleased to announce the launch of our newest feature at Hot Air, the Green Room! We’ve created space for some of our most respected commenters to blog themselves right here at Hot Air and lead their own discussions.  For this launch, we’ve begun with the following members of the Hot Air community:

  • Andy Levy
  • Tanya
  • Jim Treacher
  • Slublog
  • Karl
  • CK McLeod
  • Kid from Brooklyn
  • Patrick Ishmael
  • Madison Conservative
  • SDillard
  • Keemo
  • Coldwarrior

We’ll gradually broaden this as time goes on, and the Green Room builds a following.  Allahpundit and I will crosspost some of the most popular topics on occasion, too.   You may have already noticed the feature link at the top of the page — be sure to check this out, as our Green Room bloggers have already begun.  Add the RSS link to your feedreaders, too, to stay current with the fast-moving conversations!

Update (AP): Commenters below are already suggesting new people to add. Feel free to weigh in if there’s someone here or elsewhere in the blogosphere whom you’d like to hear more from.