You know what would really help Republicans in the midterms?  Ted Stevens.  According to the AP and The Hill, the 85-year-old former Senator has filed paperwork to run against Mark Begich in 2014, in a classic grudge match:

Former U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska has filed a statement of candidacy for the 2014 election, but an aide cautions against reading too much into the move.

Campaign treasurer Tim McKeever says the filing does not mean Stevens has decided to seek re-election. He says it simply was done to accept donations that came into the campaign after the November election.

Well, there’s a good entry for the Somebody Left The Irony On Department.  Stevens may not want to actually run; he just wants a way to get more money from political contributors.  Wasn’t that how Stevens wound up in court in the first place?  I guess Veco and other corporate clients don’t have the time to remodel his home these days.

The AP notes that the 2014 election will “look very much like” 2008’s contest if Stevens decides to run against Begich.  I’d expect the outcome to be the same, too.  Stevens will be 90 years old, assuming he runs.  Maybe Republicans up in Alaska can find someone whose more likely to survive a six-year Senate term, and someone less likely to pork up appropriations bills.