The latest in politically-correct overreaction also could double as simple good taste on the part of Walgreens, the national discount pharmacy and convenience store. Walgreens has most of the As Seen On TV product line as well as every emolument known to man, which makes it one of the most entertaining shopping experiences outside of Spencers Gifts, or perhaps Fredericks of Hollywood for the truly garish.  And if you don’t already know, that last link is NSFW, or for your marriage if your wife finds you surfing there.  Hot Air is not responsible for injuries due to rolling pins, broken dishes, etc etc etc.

Their deliciously kitschy inventory makes the sudden discovery of bad taste somewhat less convincing as a claim to common sense than a bow to PC:

Is this racist?  Not unless tossing the name “chia” has a playground meaning other than “chintzy piece of crud no sane person would want in their home”.  On the other hand, it’s not exactly respectful, either, but America doesn’t have a long tradition of treating politicians with much deference.  Until recently, one of the most popular Halloween masks was the face of Richard Nixon, and that wasn’t because he was beloved by an adoring American public.

Chia also planned to roll out Hillary Clinton and Statue of Liberty models right alongside Chia Obama, but now apparently Walgreens has to find another use for all that shelf space.  How about more Flow-Bees?