MS-NBC’s marketing group may want to have a word with their new show host, Ed Schultz. It’s hard to keep advertisers paying for a show when the star keeps talking about how they’re going broke and the product itself will flop. Greg Hengler at Town Hall caught this moment on YouTube:

I got a lot of e-mail when MS-NBC announced its deal with Ed Schultz, wondering how he got a TV gig, but it was really not that big of a story.  Successful libtalkers are pretty rare — which is why the Left wants the Fairness Doctrine returned.  It’s basically a subsidy for libtalkers who can’t compete.  Schultz has hit the top of that segment, though, showing significant commercial success.  He’s probably the most successful libtalker in the business, and it makes sense for a TV network deliberately and explicitly positioning themselves as the Progressive Channel to eventually give him his shot.

He’s not exactly an intellectual heavyweight, though, as his debate with Michael Medved proved.  His new TV show will simply display that to a larger audience … or maybe not so much larger.  It is MS-NBC, after all.