The local CBS affiliate for Orlando, Florida tracked down former Governor Rod Blagojevich at Disney World the day after his indictment on sixteen counts of corruption. The reporter tried to get a statement out of Blagojevich, but ran afoul of his wife Patti and an unidentified male who try to intercede. They seem a lot more worked up than Blago himself:

He seems pretty cuddly here. If it weren’t for the hair, I doubt the reporter would have found him at all. While Patti gets confrontational, Blago remembers enough about PR to keep smiling for the camera.

I say, let the man eat his Disney waffle. After all, running the Blagojevich Enterprise, as Patrick Fitzgerald dubbed it, is a stressful business, what with all of the threats, bribes, extortions, and crooked pork the man had to manage. We should let him spend some time with his family — while they can still see him without the glass partition between them.

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