I have received a lot of e-mail about the new film Brothers at War, a documentary by Jake Rademacher about his two brothers and their desire to serve their country by going to Iraq — and what that sacrifice means to them, and to us.  Michael Yon notes that the producers of the film plan a “surge” of sorts, attempting to get people into the theaters to see this:

BROTHERS AT WAR is an intimate portrait of an American family during a turbulent time.  Jake Rademacher sets out to understand the experience, sacrifice, and motivation of his two brothers serving in Iraq. The film follows Jake’s exploits as he risks everything—including his life—to tell his brothers’ story.  Often humorous, but sometimes downright lethal, BROTHERS AT WAR is a remarkable journey where Jake embeds with four combat units in Iraq. Unprecedented access to U.S. and Iraqi combat units take him behind the camouflage curtain with secret reconnaissance troops on the Syrian border, into sniper “Hide Sites” in the Sunni Triangle, through raging machine gun battles with the Iraqi Army.  Ultimately, the film follows his brothers home where separations and life-threatening work ripple through their parents, siblings, wives and children.  BROTHERS AT WAR provides a rare look at the bonds and service of our soldiers on the frontlines and the profound effects their service has on the loved ones they leave behind.

Rademacher wrote in an e-mail:

The honest storytelling of “Brothers At War” has received praise from war fighters, veterans, military families, Hollywood celebrities, and now Medal of Honor recipients. Join them by supporting this film which gives a true depiction of our nation’s warriors and their families.

After the Medal of Honor Society’s closing ceremony, Col. Jack Jacobs expressed his feelings about Brothers at War to some of his friends and fellow recipients.  It was one of the proudest moments of my life that something I had done with the help of such an excellent team would draw praise from such an individual.

Next to you or down the aisle this weekend, there just may be a Medal of Honor recipient.

This week’s effort includes these showings:

Shreveport, LA (near Barksdale AFB, US Air Force) Cinemark Tinseltown 17 – Cinemark
Clarksville, TN (near Fort Campbell, US Army) Carmike Governor’s Square 10 – Carmike
Hampton, VA (near Langley AFB, US Air Force), AMC Hampton Towne Center 24 – AMC
Newport News, VA (near Fort Eustis, US Army), AMC Kiln Creek 20 – AMC
Colorado Springs, CO Cinemark Carefree Circle – Cinemark
El Paso, TX Carmike 16 – Carmike
Augusta (near Fort Gordon, US Army) Regal Augusta Exchange – Regal Cinemas

If you’re nearby, support the film with your presence.  It looks like a good, honest, and respectful film about honor, duty, and sacrifice, the kind we’ve wanted Hollywood to make.  Gary Sinise exec-produced it, which gives an indication of its quality.  Hopefully it will be a big success.

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