Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), Andrew Malcolm returns in his new Tuesday slot to discuss media and politics. In the second half, Rep. Eric Cantor joins us to talk about Barack Obama’s economic policies. We’ll also have Tommy Christopher and Caleb Howe debate the videotape allegedly depicting Joe Biden’s adult daughter using drugs. Legitimate news story, or irrelevant political attack? We’ll go into bonus minutes to find out! We’ll also talk about Keith Olbermann and Twitter, Caleb’s exclusive look into the anchor’s hypocrisy on social networking.

Update: Tommy has some interesting revelations about the alleged Biden tape, including this:

The video shooter’s (hereafter referred to as “Deuche Bagilow”) attorney told the NY Post that he destroyed the original. He didn’t just tape over it with a Jerry Springer episode, he drilled a hole in the camera’s hard drive and threw it into a lake. This claim defies credibility. Why would you destroy the original of something you had made a copy of? Well, you might claim to have done that if you didn’t want anyone to ask to see the original.

That fact alone ends this. There is absolutely no way to authenticate the tape, so there was no point in having these outlets watch it.

I have two words in response: Lucy Ramirez. Watch the show to find out what that means.

Update II: Cantor got called in for a vote just before the show, so we’ll have to reschedule.

Update III: We got Rep. Kevin McCarthy, deputy GOP whip, to replace Rep. Cantor. Be sure to watch it!

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