Conservatives for Patients Rights formed earlier this year to push back against the expected nationalization of health care from Barack Obama. Rick Scott, who built two health-care provider companies, asks if Americans want to trust their health-care service to the 535 people who couldn’t find the AIG bonus exemption in the stimulus bill they passed:

Isn’t it amazing folks in Congress were shocked the plan THEY passed allowed those huge bonuses for AIG?

Now some in Congress want to raise taxes and spend $634 billion for the President’s health care overhaul – – WITHOUT even seeing all the details of his plan.

They just never seem to learn.

Call Congress today. Tell them not to raise taxes and spend billions messing with your health care without knowing what they’re buying first.

It’s an effective ad, and a good question. What will be the Outrage Du Jour when the federal government takes over the health-care industry? How many doctors and nurses will the populist mob chase out of clinics and hospitals through ignorance and hostility? And how many of these 535 people will really read the enabling acts for nationalization?

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