I’m listening to Barack Obama’s “virtual town hall” while doing other work, and if it’s possible, this is even more dull than Tuesday’s press conference.  The questions chosen by Obama’s handlers all serve to feed his favorite tropes, and thirty-four minutes into it, I have yet to hear a challenging question.  The White House set up a voting system to allow the most popular questions to rise to the top.  I’m not sure if they’re following the actual voting system, but right now it feels a lot like a campaign stop with Hillary Clinton-like embedded questions.

Michael Kraskin at Political Machine notes the top questions getting asked probably won’t get an airing:

  • Marijuana – 2,141 questions
  • Birth Certificate – 480 questions
  • Socialist – 487 questions

So far, I have to admit — the press does a much better job of pressing Obama for actual answers than the sycophants contributing to this forum.  I’m also willing to admit that the bar was set pretty low today.

Feel free to add your own thoughts.  It’s up to you to keep me awake.