It’s bad enough to hear that Jimmy Carter dropped by the White House, but it gets worse when you find out who he consulted.  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on economics?   Hillary Clinton on kissing Moscow’s Без перевода?  No, although those would be worrisome indeed.  It’s worse than that:

Former President Jimmy Carter met Wednesday with National Security Adviser Jim Jones, White House officials said.

Carter spokeswoman Deanna Congileo said the private briefing was planned in advance.

I can’t imagine what wisdom Carter has to impart on the Obama administration on national security.  How to extend a hostage crisis for over a year?  How to look impotent in the face of Russian aggression?  Maybe he’s simply valuable as a warning, or a baseline that Obama can easily beat.  “Hey, I may be bad at this job, but I’m not this bad.”  So far, that’s not terribly obvious.

This pic from Drudge is worth a few chuckles.  How would you caption this?