Via Instapundit, I couldn’t help but laugh at this — because if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry.  Dilbert usually sticks to corporate America for its lampooning, but with the line blurring between business and politics like never before, Scott Adams wields a mighty pen in highlighting the ridiculous sanctimony of Senators and Representatives complaining about private-jet use in the private sector:

I agree that having the three CEOs of the American automakers fly to DC to plead poverty is laughably bad optics.  If taxpayers bail out firms, in Detroit, Wall Street, or anywhere else, then that aid should come with some strings attached on how the money gets spent.  I don’t think block grants to Citibank are any more of a good idea than to Ford, or ACORN, for that matter.

However, before pillorying executives for private jet use (which does create jobs), perhaps our public servants should set the example first.