The NRSC has a new microsite launch today regarding Porkulus. kicks off with this two-minute web ad lambasting Congressional Democrats for spending money without even realizing where it would go — a very effective attack:

The site has plenty of meat on the bone here, including a section devoted to the pork in Porkulus. This video is an instant classic:

Be sure to check it out, but the NRSC has a couple of questions to answer itself. Since it’s going on the offensive on Porkulus, will this mean that the NRSC will withhold funds from the Porkulus 3 in 2010 and beyond? Or will they share resources with Arlen Specter, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe despite their surrender to the Spendocrats?

After all, Porkulus wouldn’t have prevailed had it not been for the Spendicans.

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