What section would a bookstore put some junior-reader biographies of Barack Obama?  A Borders store in Dallas found the perfect spot (via Mitch Berg and Psycmeister):

WND contacted Borders’ national office and got this response:

Borders corporate spokeswoman Ann Roman told WND there was no intention on the part of the staff to associate books about the Obamas with religion.

“We are a completely politically neutral organization,” she said. “As you can imagine we carry every political perspective, authors from both parties.

“What happened here is those books were for kids and they were put under an overarching sign. Our team did not mean to imply an inappropriate classification,” she said.

Maybe they didn’t have any childrens’ books for their religion section and they needed to fill the space.  After all, what book stores carry religious books?  Why, I’ve never seen anything like childrens’ Bibles or faith-based stories.

Or, maybe, some Borders employee is taking The One a weeeeeeee bit too seriously — as a lot of Americans have done over the last two years.

Update: Alternate explanation, from commenter Number 2: satire, poking fun at Obamalytes by classifying their adoration as a belief system.