Hot Air readers know that I’m a big fan of Day by Day, the conservative cartoon created by Chris Muir, and today he offers one of his best entries.  Chris borrows from Braveheart today to wonder if Republicans feel like fighting a rising tide of statist economic politics:

To be fair, the Republicans did do a remarkable job in fighting Porkulus, the first step towards the “state allocated bed”; out of 219 members of Congress, only 3 Republicans voted to support it. Unfortunately, it was the three that counted in the Senate, but given the amount of political pressure in this economic crisis, Republican leadership did a good job of holding the line.

But Chris’ point goes beyond Capitol Hill.  If we expect to regain ground in the midterms, we need to start organizing now, committing to candidates, and putting in some hard work.  Twitter helps, but it doesn’t replace door-knocking, phone-calling, and fundraising.

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