If the Blagojeviches thought that impeachment might slake the thirst of federal investigators, they were sorely mistaken.  The Chicago Tribune reports that feds dropped subpoenas on Patti Blagojevich’s former employer, which unceremoniously dumped her as soon as her husband joined the ranks of the unemployed.  Investigators appear interested in what Patti did for the Chicago Christian Industrial League, and it looks like … not much:

Sneed hears the feds delivered a subpoena to the Chicago Christian Industrial League Wednesday, which once employed former first lady Patti Blagojevich as its development director.

The upshot: Sneed is told the feds requested the files pertaining to Mrs. Blagojevich’s employment, which included any of her development deals.

The backshot: The former first lady was hired last September at a $100,000-a-year salary to lure new donors to the league, which provides transitional housing and job training for the homeless. The state-of-the-art shelter facility was where Mrs. Blagojevich worked until mid-January, when she was abruptly dismissed from her job. Since then, she has filed suit claiming the league violated her contract.

The league has a ready-made answer: non-performance.  According to Sneed’s sources, she didn’t bring in any new money at all.  Before Patti arrived, the League received between $10-15K in contributions.  After her arrival, they received $10-15K in contributions.

So why hire her at all?  Well, this is what the investigators wonder, too.  The League got a loan from Rod Blagojevich’s new agency, the Illinois Finance Authority, to the tune of almost $11 million.  They needed to get more contributions to repay it, but why hire Mrs. Gov to do it, especially since she turned out to be such a bust?  Anyone looking at this has to ask themselves whether the League hired her for this six-figure job as a payoff for the loan.  They certainly dumped her quickly enough when it became apparent that her hubby would have about as much clout as a fetus at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Looks like the feds are still going all out, and one has to wonder what the Blagojeviches might be willing to do to save their own skins.  They certainly have made a lifetsyle out of looking out for themselves up to now, and I doubt they’ll change much with this much heat on them.