The folks at The Blogometer have resurrected one of their original features, a biweekly Q&A with bloggers, and Ian Fierstein asked me to give it a go this week.  Ian asked me several interesting questions, including:

What book do you think every person should read?

What has been your favorite blog post, or your favorite story to write about?

Which blogger(s) do you consider indispensable, if any? [in which I undoubtedly missed a few]

Who’s your favorite active politician? Least favorite?

That actually was my favorite question, but in order to see the answer, you’ll have to check out the whole interview.  I will share this, though, as it’s relevant to today’s Porkulus madness:

If you could give President Obama some advice, what would it be?

Lead instead of following. He let Nancy Pelosi lead him by the nose on the stimulus package and it spun out of control. He fumbled his Cabinet appointments by not paying attention to detail. He needs to stop campaigning and start acting like the American President rather than the Democratic President. If he can figure out how to do that and get Pelosi and Harry Reid under control, he may succeed.

I wrote that before Gregg bailed at Commerce, which occupies most of today’s Blogometer entry.  Be sure to read both.