Move America Forward plans an aggressive public-relations campaign to oppose Barack Obama’s efforts to close Guantanamo Bay’s terrorist detention center.  They will air a new television/web ad emphasizing the need to keep the nation’s worst enemies outside the US.  And given the recent polling on Gitmo, MAF will find receptive audiences:

A CBS Poll shows that 48% of Americans would rather keep Gitmo OPEN vs only 40% who say it should be closed.

A Rasmussen Poll from late last year showed 49% in favor of Gitmo and ONLY 32% in favor of shutting GITMO down!

When Move America Forward’s staff VISITED Guantanamo Bay, they found no evidence whatsoever that the detainees were ever treated poorly and saw no reason to shut down this base, which is a strategic necessity in the Global War on Terror.

Sign our petition HERE and help MAF’s campaign to SAVE GITMO and keep America SAFE!

The web video is ready, but MAF needs money to get the ad on the air.  They estimate that it will take $15K to get a single spot on Anderson Cooper’s prime-time show, $20K on Larry King Live, and $32K for O’Reilly, where MAF would mostly be preaching to the choir anyway.  But there is good news: they can get a spot on Geraldo At Large for just $12K, which gives you an idea how popular Mr. Expectorado is these days.

Be sure to sign the petition and toss a few shekels into the pot if you can.

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