For many who watch the Super Bowl, the ads are the best part of the spectacle. Advertisers work all year to find inventive ways to compete for the attention of the billion-plus viewers and to stack up against all others. Unlike the NFL, the winner of the Super Bowl Ad Championship more resembles the BCS debacle, but a few usually rise to the top. My personal favorite was this brilliant take-off on a classic Coke commercial with Mean Joe Greene, featuring Troy Polamalu:

I thought Conan O’Brien scored with this self-deprecating satire of endorsers who only work overseas to protect their image:

I thought the Monster ad may have had the biggest laugh, though:

What were your favorites? Note your favorites in the comments, and later I’ll build a poll with the most frequently mentioned. If you can’t recall them all, Hulu has them ready to watch.

Update: As promised, here’s the poll:

I’ll play the top three on tomorrow’s TEMS show….

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