Move over, CBS.  Another media conglomerate has some embarrassing questions to answer after a Super Bowl malfunction turned the family fare into the Porn Bowl in Tucson, AZ, where Cardinals fans hoped to see their team blow the Steelers out of the game.  Instead, Comcast gave them … well …

Tucsonans watching the Super Bowl got more action than they bargained for when a short clip from an adult movie channel interrupted Comcast’s feed with full male nudity during the final moments of the game.

Officials at Comcast said about 30 seconds from Club Jenna, an adult cable television channel, were shown on the local Super Bowl telecast. The company was still working Sunday night to figure out how it happened. …

The Star newsroom was flooded with calls from irate viewers who said that the porn cut into the game with less than three minutes left to play, just after Arizona Cardinals player Larry Fitzgerald scored on a touchdown pass from Kurt Warner to put the team in the lead.

Callers said that the clip showed a woman unzipping a man’s pants, followed by a graphic act between the two.

One of the viewers interviewed by the Star said she thought it was just another commercial at first.  With GoDaddy plumbing the depths of bad taste in their ads last night, who could blame her?  In fact, who wants to bet that GoDaddy tries this next year?

Comcast officials acknowledge that the problem occurred in their offices at not with the broadcast station, KVOA, which carried the game in Tucson.  Oddly, it only occurred on the analog channel for Comcast, and not their HD channel.  They’re mystified as to the cause, but I’m guessing that the employees working the Sunday night shift will get the closest look.  My bet: someone’s going to get fired over this, and soon … and publicly.

You know, if they’d interrupted the Heidi Bowl like this, Jets and Raiders fans might not have minded so much.  Well, at least the Raiders fans.

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