The NRSC returns to the airwaves, or at least the webwaves, with a new 30-second spot targeting Harry Reid, who will have to defend his Senate seat in November.  In conservative Nevada, they know where money should get spent — in casinos, where the wealth really gets spread around, and not by government bureaucracies.  The NRSC wants to remind them who the big government spender in the Senate is:

Super-spending partisan, Harry Reid. As Democrat Leader, he helped pay for vicious attack ads criticizing last year’s bailout.

But guess who voted for the $700 billion bailout. You guessed it — Harry Reid.

And now he wants a trillion more dollars in new spending? A trillion dollars??

Tell Harry Reid to stop wasting our hard earned money.

It’s a good ad, except for the minor nitpick about Reid being “partisan”.  A “Democrat leader” is by nature a partisan, and the word “partisan” isn’t an epithet.  Would that Republicans act a little more partisan in defense of free markets and smaller government!  Had they done so in 2001, Harry Reid would be Minority Leader and no one would be talking about massive economic crises and bailouts wouldn’t be required.

It’s pretty early to start running ads for the 2010 election cycle, but it’s not a deep investment for the NRSC.  This looks like payback for the hard press Democrats made against Mitch McConnell, which was itself partisan payback for the big Republican effort in unseating Tom Daschle.  Let’s hope Republicans remain more successful than Democrats in these endeavors.